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Optimal control technology for gas turbines

StG 400

Ruston TA 1750

GE Frame 6

GE Frame 5

StG 400 Replacement

Systems and components

  • High speed shut-off valves
  • 2 EVOII Gas fuel systems
  • Full reporting

StG 400 Replacement Fuel Skid

Heinzmann UK have designed and delivered four replacement fuel skids for the SGT400.
The development was completed by our engineering team in Middlesbrough working closely with the customer.
The skid controls both fuel lines, pilot and main, using EVO II valves and actuators. This provides accurate and constant fuel flow calculation, repeatable and fast valve operation.

Built to match existing skid envelope, allows plug, and play operation.

Technical Drawing GE Frame 6

StG 400 ReplacementStG 400 Replacement

Ruston TA 1750

Systems and components

Gas Turbine Control Systems including:

  • Speed control
  • Ignition control
  • Start up
  • Load control
  • Fuel metering skid
  • Lube oil system
  • Gas starting system

Ruston TA1750 full control system upgrade

Together with the BP Group, HEINZMANN UK has installed ATEX-certified control systems on Ruston TA 1750 gas turbines. The PLC based original mechanical control system, which was prone to faults, is being replaced with a cutting-edge digital system.

The HEINZMANN UK systems take over the control of the gas turbine unit, including speed control, ignition control, start-up and load control. The solution also includes gas fuel metering skid, lube oil system and gas starting system as the complete turn key solution in the turbine retrofit project.

Viking 35 Digital Speed Governor

Ruston TA 1750Ruston TA 1750

GE Frame 6

Systems and components

  • High speed shut-off valves
  • EVO II Valve Actuator
  • Liquid fuel purge

Gas fuel skid with purge for liquid fuel

HEINZMANN UK Ltd recently delivered a gas fuel skid for a GE Frame 6 engine. Design and development were completed by HEINZMANN engineers, based in Middlesbrough UK.
The skid controls the gas fuel throttle function, complete with dual high speed shut of valves. The famous EVO II Valve actuator was used to provide the gas fuel flow calculations, providing accurate, repeatable, and fast valve operation.
The skid will operate alongside the existing liquid fuel system, allowing the Gas Turbine to use natural gas and reduce emissions. For this to function correctly the liquid fuel needs purging from the supply pipes.
Now installed on the customers site and in full operation.

Technical Drawing GE Frame 6

GE Frame 6GE Frame 6

GE Frame 5

Systems and components

  • EVOLUTION II-HT G Valve Actuator
  • High speed shut-off valves
  • Bespoke pipe fabrication

Replacement Gas Fuel control system for GE Frame 5

Plug-and-play replacement for old system.

Designed to replace the existing GE system built into the GT enclosure. Mating with the existing flanges. Simple removal of the old system and replacement. Rapid upgrade high reliability and low maintenance.

Uses the EVOLUTION II-HT G Gas Fuel Control valve system for highly accurate fuel control.


TRINO Detect Vibration Monitoring System

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