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Optimal control technology for gas turbines

HEINZMANN offers control systems for all types of turbo-machinery. HEINZMANN’s turbine controllers are available pre-programmed with gas turbine software for user configuration to most applications. We deliver expandable hardware with extra inputs and outputs to support generator control and all turbine core engine functions. HEINZMANN controls can further form the core of a larger PLC application or is powerful enough to perform the whole of the control for a turbine application. Our solutions are cost-effective to be used for small applications and powerful and expandable for use in large applications.


DC 2-02


DC 2-02

Marketed under the name HELENOS, these digital speed governors can be directly combined with all HEINZMANN actuator types with a control torque of up to 40 Nm. The range is also certified to various standards (ATEX, marine, etc.)

Technical data

  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Degree of protection: IP55 oder IP00
  • HELENOS I Governor for engines < 1 MW combination DC 2-02 with actuators StG 6/10
  • HELENOS III Governor for engines < 4 MW combination DC 2-02 with actuators StG 16/30/40
  • HELENOS IV Governor for engines < 800 kW combination DC 2-02 with BOSCH EDC actuators
  • HELENOS V Governor for engines < 80 kW-120 kW combination DC 2-02 with actuators StG 2005 DP / 2040 DP

Engine Types & Applications

Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines
Diesel Engines
Gas Engines
Pump Drives


This digital generator governor for generators operated as islands or in parallel can run with or without a HEINZMANN speed governor. Four versions are available: BASIC, MEDIUM, EXTENDED and GROUP.

Technical data

  • Voltage input: 3-phase input: 240 ... 480 VAC or 100 ... 240 VAC
  • Current inputs: 3-phase input: 0 ... 5 A or 0 ... 1 A
  • Frequency: 45 ... 65 Hz
  • Power supply: 24 VDC (9 ... 33 VDC)

More information

Technical Drawing






BASIC: Low-voltage governor with no adjustment options

MEDIUM: Low-voltage governor with different standard assignments and limited adjustment options

EXTENDED: Generator governor with numerous configuration and adjustment options for every voltage range

GROUP: Generator governor for generators operated as Group-to-Group or Group-to-Mains, with numerous configuration and adjustment options for every voltage range

Engine Types & Applications


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